Corporate Social Responsibility 911

Improve your corporate culture with these simple tips that create unity within your work place and your community at large.

You’ve seen the stories. Our country is divided more than ever and that doesn’t stop at the door of our office buildings. Corporations have been tried in the court of public opinion; held to account by their employees as well as their customers. At the end of the day we all have our own opinions, passions and ideologies but at work we need to get stuff done. Here are a few ideas to get out in front and show that you care, improve employee moral and let your organization’s service and volunteering be a featured part of the community around you.

Revisit your past

Highlight past acts of service and corporate volunteer events. Dig out all those good deeds that have been done and rebrand into a historical look of where, what and when your organization has made an impact in your community. Create a presentation that can be circulated internally and externally to showcase your heart for service, giving and volunteerism. You may be surprised how much has been done already. Give yourself a well deserved pat on the back. Great job!

Try something new

Research initiative and causes that are important to your employees and fit in with your corporate culture. You can take a vote on which area(areas) you would like to focus on. Look at what other organizations are doing in their communities and share with your corporation to inspire and engage. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Create a new app for giving. Impulse giving and gaming and giving are the future of charity donations.

Invite your local non profits to participate in a service fair. This is a great way to pair up your employees with volunteer positions that need filling.

Talk to local charity directors and target specific needs that you can fill. Your business has a specialty and you have taken great care to hire smart, talented people. Use your resources to form a committee or start an initiative for that need. A perfect recipe to solve some problems!

Actions speak louder than words

We all need to be reminded that activism means action. It’s awesome to participate in a protest, post a sign or wear a tee showing what we believe but real change requires service, sacrifice and dollars. A compassionate collective of positive actions leads to progress that leads to change. “Everyone needs a signature charity”, everyone is able to do something, give something and if we ALL start doing something we can fill the chasm between us.

Need some help brainstorming? Email me, Melissa Feezor, for a free one-hour consultation appointment.

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