It’s time for upcycled fashion to ascend to the throne

… of couture, RTW and mainstream clothiers. Sustainability right now is hot! Everywhere you look you see sustainable, slow fashion, who made my clothes. A more educated consumer, a more thoughtful and socially responsible consumer has taken over the driving of market trends and consumer demand for clothes that just make us feel good aboutContinue reading “It’s time for upcycled fashion to ascend to the throne”

Diversity Training in Black and White

I met Nigisti, (then being named Rachael) several years ago when she was neck deep in researching criminal justice reform. Here was this beautiful, dynamic young woman picking my brain for advice. She was already an accomplished writer, had founded a non-profit, and was a champion for the poor. Not much I needed to doContinue reading “Diversity Training in Black and White”

Make Your Next Job Fair a Family Affair

Attract the best candidates by being sensitive to their needs as parents and give them a day of fun that multitasks the job search plus keeps the family entertained. Showcase your corporate culture as one of family values and that is empathetic to work-life balance. Even candidates who don’t have children will appreciate the funContinue reading “Make Your Next Job Fair a Family Affair”

Corporate Social Responsibility 911

Improve your corporate culture with these simple tips that create unity within your work place and your community at large. You’ve seen the stories. Our country is divided more than ever and that doesn’t stop at the door of our office buildings. Corporations have been tried in the court of public opinion; held to accountContinue reading “Corporate Social Responsibility 911”