Make Your Next Job Fair a Family Affair

Attract the best candidates by being sensitive to their needs as parents and give them a day of fun that multitasks the job search plus keeps the family entertained. Showcase your corporate culture as one of family values and that is empathetic to work-life balance. Even candidates who don’t have children will appreciate the fun and friendly atmosphere of a festival type vibe.

Easy does it.

Dress casually and staff your event with recruiters who are fun loving and don’t mind bouncing a baby while mom or dad fill out an application. Don’t forget to reward your recruiters for being  there. Happy recruiters will really sell your company to potential employees. 

Don’t forget the food!

Free food, free food, free food. That’s really all you need to say.

Popcorn machine, food trucks or a good old homestyle cook out. It will be greatly appreciated and so hard to resist! If you are more of a hipster company, call in the local brewery. Hey, I’m old school and I may take a brief pause when I see the growing trend of babies in breweries but it seems to be a good Saturday outing and keeps mom and dad happy.  

Have fun.

It should be just as much fun planning the activities, food and games for you and your staff as it is for those attending. You’ve got a great company and you care about attracting quality employees and want only the best for your success as well as theirs. Time to show that off in a non traditional, less stuffy environment.

Need more goodness ideas? I’m happy to spin some up with you and your company. Contact me through Indeed or email me directly at for a free 1 hour zoom consult.

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